It’s happens all the time. You’ve got a tidy & organized network of Windows desktops and servers, and then one day to get the call --- “We’re bringing in a new server to run the new application and it’s a Linux/AIX server”. Now what?

Trust us when we say it’s nowhere near as grim as you might think at first. Your new Linux/AIX server can be integrated into your Microsoft Active Directory network like a champ. It can share printers. It can share files. It can even be integrated into an Active Directory network and share logins. It can be (well, the Linux at least) just another virtualized guest OS. All this and much more!

We’ll be happy to show you how all this can be done. Or, if you want to your career to stay strictly Microsoft , we can be your contract Linux/AIX support. If you’ve had an “unwelcomed guest” placed in your AD network, or if you’d just like some help in coverage, or if you’re looking to outsource your Linux/AIX support, you owe it to yourself to call us today!