AIX is IBM’s enterprise-level, industrial strength, Unix for business-critical application environments. AIX runs on IBM’s pSeries (previously the RS/6000) line, and runs on entry-level workstations to SP level supercomputers. Through IBM Software Solutions, and the solutions provided by hundreds of IBM Business Partners, AIX supports a full range of applications to fit your business needs.

Just like any other server, your AIX server needs to be secured from unwanted intruders, and keep it up to date on system upgrades and patches.  Opus 1 Systems, Inc. certified technical staff can assist you in the installation, configuration, and administration of your AIX systems. We can set up your AIX server as a database, web, file, virtual, or application server, and even integrate it into a Microsoft or other Unix/Linux network environment.  We can also design and implement a backup & recovery plan so that you never lose any of your company’s most valuable asset – its data.

While its origins lie in the world of academic computing, Linux has moved full force into the business world.

Once hampered by a shortage of applications, that shortage has long ago been filled not only by the huge catalog of Open Source applications, but by applications from vendors such as IBM, Oracle, and a host of other major vendors.  Linux now runs on every sort of hardware from cell phones to IBM mainframes and everything in between!

If you're planning to add another business application of any kind, you owe it to yourself to investigate what Linux-based offerings fit your needs. The best answer isn't always the default Microsoft based solution.

If you’re on a tight budget, and need a stable and robust server based solution such as an e-mail, web, database, or file server, call us today to discuss the Linux solutions tailored to your business’ needs.