The spread of powerful servers and inexpensive storage into even the small business market means that businesses of every size now use database applications in ways that only large businesses did ten years ago.

Opus 1 Systems provides custom Informix database development and database administration services for clients in both the public and private sectors. We can develop an Informix application for your firm, or to back end your web site, or we can help you optimize what Informix databases you already have. We can also provide database administration services, including 7x24 monitoring, so that you're kept up to date on backups and patches. We can also manage the AIX (IBM pSeries), Linux, and Microsoft servers that Informix runs on.  If you run Informix on IBM iSeries (AS400) or zSeries (mainframe), and need some systems help, let us know, because we know other IBM partners who will be happy to assist.

If you would like us to meet with your team & give you free estimate of our costs for developing or managing your Informix projects, give us a call.